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Lee Petar


Lee Petar

Life at FGS Global

As co-lead of the Government Relations, Policy and Advocacy practice, Lee provides strategic counsel on a range of political and regulatory matters, in particular on those issues that require a complex and multi-disciplinary approach.

Life Pre-FGS Global

Founded and built two successful public affairs and communications agencies. He has led numerous complex assignments including cross border international work, advising Governments and industry across sectors for senior business leaders.

Life Beyond FGS Global

A self confessed news junkie, Lee spends too much of his time trying to track down the perfect restaurant. He likes to think he has come close on a few occasions.

Lee is a market leading communications adviser. He is known for advising on issues that require a complex and multi-disciplinary approach. He has considerable experience in the fields of public affairs, crisis management and managing corporate reputation.

Lee has worked with Governments, a wide array of corporations, family offices and led industry wide campaigns. A veteran leader at some of the best-known PR companies in the communications industry, Lee founded and built two companies into two of the best-known public affairs and strategic communications firms in the UK.

He was the founding director of a political and media organization dealing with high stakes, international relations issues.

Lee has spent considerable time creating and implementing global communications strategies for a wide range of diverse businesses, institutions and organisations. He has extensive international experience having worked for clients across Europe, the US and the Middle East.

Lee Petar
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