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2024 UKMEA Graduate Programme Application Task and Instructions


Imagine you work at FGS Global and you are advising a client about a communications challenge. The client has asked for your advice on how to navigate the issue.


Choose a well-known company that has recently been in the news due to a prominent issue that is affecting the business.

Prepare up to three presentation slides OR a three-minute (max) video advising what communications factors the company should consider and how to tackle the issue to restore or protect the company’s reputation.

Example issues facing businesses

  • Cost of living pressures and inflation

  • The rise of Artificial Intelligence

  • Recovery from the global pandemic

  • Operations, employees or customers in conflict zones

  • Sudden change of CEO or senior position

  • Cybersecurity attack

  • Poor environmental practices and other sustainability issues

  • Other

Factors you might want to consider

  • What is the issue and who does it affect?

  • Who are the priority target audiences you need to communicate with? (Consider: employees, customers, local community, investors, government, suppliers, other business partners)

  • What are the key messages they need to hear?

  • What channels would you use to reach them? (Consider: radio, TV, print and online news, social media)

  • Is there any data or other information that supports your position and key messages?

What we are looking for

We have no preference for either a presentation or video – you choose! We are looking for answers which are well researched, demonstrate creative thinking and are communicated precisely and succinctly.

DO NOT submit a video and presentation.


Please submit your application by 23:59 GMT on Friday 26 January by filling in the form at the link below, where you can also upload your PDF CV and Task.

If submitting a video, please upload this to YouTube (you can do this as an unlisted video so that it is only viewable by those you share it with) and include a link to the video in a PDF document upload. You can find YouTube’s guide to uploading videos at this link.

Have any questions? Please email for more information.