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UK, Middle East and Asia Graduate Programme 2023

Pave your career path with FGS Global

We are the best at what we do because we hire people who are open-minded, collaborative and bring diverse perspectives to the table.

If you’re looking to be challenged, want to learn and progress in a fast-paced environment, and have excellent written and verbal communication skills, we want to get to know you.

Programme now closed for 2023.

2023 UK, Middle East and Asia Graduate Programme

We work for some of the world’s most successful and interesting businesses, institutions and individuals, engaging with high-profile journalists and politicians to tell their stories. The exceptional quality of our people is crucial to our success as a company and how we serve our clients.

We help our clients navigate today’s fast-moving and interconnected world to win support from their stakeholders. The knowledge, creativity, and passion our people bring to this work is why we are a leader in our field.

Do you want to join a world-leading strategic communications consultancy?

We’re now welcoming applications for our 2023 UK, Middle East and Asia Graduate Programme

If successful, you can join one of our teams in the UK, Middle East or Asia to work on business-critical projects that span some of the world’s largest companies. You’ll encounter issues that make up the global news agenda.

Our offices in London, Dubai, Riyadh, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Beijing, are ready and excited to welcome and train top talent. As part of the application process, you’ll be able to select which regions appeal most to you and suit your skills.

Please follow links to our US and Europe recruitment pages if you are interested in roles in these regions.

What the programme will involve

The UK, Middle East and Asia graduate programme will begin with two training weeks to truly immerse you in our culture and the type of work we do. Following this, you’ll spend six-months in a structured training and mentorship programme, learning both on-the-job and through formal trainings to help develop your knowledge and skillset across the stakeholder economy, from the media and investors through to employees and customers.

Our people love the work they do, and the people they do it with, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know your local and global colleagues both socially and professionally. We also encourage you to take on responsibility from the start, which means you directly engage with clients from the get-go. At FGS Global, we don’t keep you hidden behind more senior colleagues. Everyone is the face of the business.

Through the application process, we select individuals for this programme we believe will pioneer the future of FGS Global. The intention is for us to invest in your development, and you to receive a truly immersive learning experience that challenges you and allows you to demonstrate your own entrepreneurial flare. The expectation is that you continue with us after the programme ends as a full-time Associate without any further interviews or assessment.

Who are we looking for?

  • We are looking for motivated and proactive graduates who welcome a steep learning curve and the chance to collaborate with a wide range of people.

  • The role requires individuals who are interested and engaged in how different stakeholders communicate – be it through news outlets, investor presentations, social media, keynote events, or face-to-face conversations.

  • We want applicants who are interested in the news agenda and track emerging issues and current challenges facing society today.

  • Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate that they embody the values our people live by being ambitious together, working hard whilst keeping energy levels high, striving for excellence and taking responsibility in all they do.

  • We care for and uplift those around us and expect anyone who joins our team to do the same.

What we offer you in return

  • We are a diverse and dynamic group of people. We motivate each other, strive to deliver and celebrate together.

  • You will have the opportunity to work with leading communications professionals, learning from the brightest minds in the industry.

  • You will be working on a diverse mix of clients, across industries, sectors, and geographies.

  • You will have continuous training and development throughout the programme, with dedicated mentors.

  • You will have access to a range of perks, location-dependent, including regular team breakfasts and socials, free tickets to exhibitions, an in-house barista, company discounts, and flexible working policies.

  • A competitive salary benchmarked against others in the industry, and we offer a number of other benefits including discounted gym membership and private health care.

Apply Now

We have developed an FGS Global-specific task that is designed to highlight the brightest, most creative graduates. It will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your research skills, creative thinking, and ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple way.

If you’re ready to launch your career in strategic communications, apply here before Friday 10 February.

Those successful will be interviewed virtually between 27 February and 17 March 2023 and told whether they are through to the final shortlist for our assessment day that will take place in London on 27 April.

Our new joiners will start full time in September 2023.

Programme now closed for 2023.

Check back in Autumn 2023 for information on how to apply in 2024.

General Inquiries

If you are not yet in your final year of study, but would be interested in applying for work experience opportunities, please get in touch with us via with your CV and a piece of work you are proud of.

The piece of work can be anything you choose which you think illustrates your curiosity and creativity (e.g., an academic essay, something you wrote for a school or University magazine, an example of a creative project you worked on, or anything else which you think is relevant).

For work experience applications, we do not expect your example of work, or any experience on your CV, to relate to strategic communications directly, but you may wish to outline in your email what interests you about communications and the world of business more generally.


Khadija Tahir

Associate (2022 Graduate programme intake)


Tell us about a typical day

Every day is completely different from the last, and even though I was told this during the application process, I never imagined being in such a dynamic role. Stories in the media are fast-moving and my days reflect that. Some days I work on media summaries to keep my clients up-to-date, support them with research, or draft briefing notes for journalist meetings. I have also been involved in crisis work, where the ask can be anything and everything.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?

I really value the variety in my job – it always keeps me engaged, challenged and learning. My clients span various industries, which means there are always interesting challenges to learn from. In the short time I have been here, I have worked with clients in the telecommunications, consumer, and media sectors.

How would you describe yourself as a member of the team?

I believe I am an ambitious and keen member of my team, always willing to take on new tasks and help whenever needed. I believe I have quickly integrated myself FGS Global more broadly. My aim is to carry on with a positive attitude and maintain my eagerness to learn as I progress throughout my career.

What do you think is special about FGS Global?

Definitely the people! FGS Global has some of the most intelligent, curious, and intellectual people I have come across. It creates for an incredible environment where I feel challenged and supported. It also means that I am constantly learning from colleagues and every day I leave the office with more knowledge and skills than I started with.

How did you begin your career in the industry?

I studied History at the University of Cambridge and gained experience in financial services through my prior role in Deal Advisory at PwC. I applied to FGS Global eager to gain more of an intersectional understanding of finance and politics. I also wanted to be in an industry which strengthened my written and verbal communication skills, and allowed me to take greater ownership of the work I was doing.

Ryan Tseng



Tell us about a typical day

A typical day (pre-lockdown) starts off by listening to a podcast as I walk to work while performing Olympic-level gymnastics maneuvers to avoid motorcyclists.

At the office, I start by catching up with the latest news, as I have media monitoring to do every morning. Afterwards I go through my emails to see what the to-do’s are for the day, and I get cracking.

I bring my own lunch most of the time, and either enjoy a quiet break by myself or spend it chatting with another co-worker. I’ve gotten both great professional and life advice during these chats.

We have meetings throughout the day with various clients or internal teams, to regroup, review our work, and move forward with next steps.

The afternoon slump is almost always accompanied by someone in the office asking if anybody else wants coffee or tea. Going to the coffee stand downstairs is a great opportunity to stretch your legs and reset.

As the day ends, things start to get a little busier as impending deadlines draw near, and last-minute emergencies come up. The office fills with sounds of furious typing, phone calls and meetings.

Everybody gives the office a collective good-bye as they leave for the day. If it’s a Friday, there might be something bubbly waiting, for a little celebration of another week well done.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?

Reacting in real time to global events to create value for our clients.

How would you describe yourself as a member of the team?

If the Shanghai office was a human body, each of us would be an organ vital to the functioning of the overall being. I think I would be the spleen – playing a vital supporting role.

What do you think is special about FGS Global?

Definitely the people! I’ve been with FGS for about half a year now, and every single person, regardless of experience or title, treats me like an equal and encourages me to contribute my own opinions. FGS truly invests in its people – having one-on-one lunches with every co-worker at the Shanghai office when I first joined not only helped me piece out my own career direction, it also allowed me to feel incredible warmth from my co-workers.

How did you begin your career in the industry?

I was an International Studies and Environmental Studies major in college, and I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do after graduation. I decided to intern at FGS because I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to learn about a wide variety of industries and meet people with an array of perspectives on any given topic. This was an amazing decision, because I ended up loving it and I’m so glad to be full-time now with FGS.

Mathilda Olds

Senior Associate, Political and Regulatory / Public Affairs


Tell us about a typical day

British politics is an ever-changing landscape, and a role in public affairs reflects this. Each day is varied, whether drafting letters to Ministers, compiling briefing documents, analyzing policy reports or monitoring select committee inquiries. Work often involves engagement with politicians and their offices, building relationships to influence the direction of policy and enhance our client’s relationships with senior stakeholders.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?

The variety of accounts at FGS is particularly interesting - we work with clients across a broad range of sectors including digital, energy, consumer and TMT. This provides the opportunity to challenge yourself and learn about new industries, whilst keeping up with exciting and fast-paced policy developments.

How would you describe yourself as a member of the team?

I view myself as an established member of an ambitious and diverse team, keen to take on new challenges and deliver high-quality work. I strive to maintain a positive attitude, build on my political knowledge, and develop skills that will benefit me throughout my career.

What do you think is special about FGS Global?

FGS Global seamlessly integrates teams across the firm, allowing for a sharing of knowledge which not only benefits the offering we provide to our clients but also supports our personal development as well-rounded communication professionals. This extends not just within the London office but also between our global partners, allowing us to gain perspective on how different cultures and markets operate – increasingly important in an interconnected world.

How did you begin your career in the industry?

I studied History and Politics at the University of Nottingham, becoming interested in Public Affairs following two periods of work experience at Finsbury in 2019 and 2020. This exposure to public affairs revealed to me that the profession complimented both my interests and skill set, and it quickly became a career I was keen to pursue. Following university, I completed internships at BCW and Edelman before re-applying to Finsbury, motivated by the high calibre of the team and the learning opportunities available.

Have any questions? Please email for more information.