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Nonie Cheng


Hong Kong

Tell us about a typical day

As a communications consultant, I spend much of my time communicating with clients, journalists and colleagues globally, as we help our clients establish their reputation and navigate complex situations.

I always try to reserve some time every day to read – from news, magazines, books to social media chatter – as it is important for us who work in this industry to understand what is happening in this ever-evolving world.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?

I like how we are given opportunities to learn and grow. We work with people from a wide range of sectors and cultures, and in order to provide the most relevant advice and solutions for them, we need to keep ourselves informed about their businesses and the emerging trends they are facing. That is why we are constantly learning and acquiring new skills.

How would you describe yourself as a member of the team?

I would say I am a supportive team player that brings people together. In a people-centric environment like public relations, we need to work cohesively as a team to achieve a shared goal for our clients. One reason why I have been with the firm since my internship is the people – I really enjoy working with my colleagues.

What do you think is special about FGS Global?

I have been with the firm since 2015, witnessing how we have expanded in Asia and globally throughout the years. Our global presence combined with local expertise enables us to deliver the most relevant advisory service to our clients. What makes us truly unique is our passion and dedication to be the best in the industry.

How did you begin your career in the industry?

I interned in 2015. I decided to stay with the firm after my graduation because of the opportunities to work with leading MNCs and global financial institutions. Since then, I have grown together with the firm and I am excited to see what more we can achieve as a team for many more years to come.