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About Us

Our insights. Your impact.

Who we are

The stakeholder economy is complex and difficult to navigate. Winning support across audiences in a fast-moving, interconnected world is more important than ever. What, how, and when you communicate — and to whom — can mean the difference between success and failure. Seeing around corners, anticipating issues, managing risk, and moving quickly to solve problems is critical.

To succeed, you need sound strategic advice, deep experience, a 360º perspective, real-time intelligence, and flawless execution. With the right people and the right tools, you can seize opportunities and confront challenges — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.

That’s why we’ve created FGS Global.

Our History

FGS Global has its roots in four venerable firms across the world of strategic communications: Finsbury, Hering Schuppener, The Glover Park Group and Sard Verbinnen & Co.

Finsbury was founded in 1994 by Roland Rudd to fill a gap in the market for superior financial communications counsel in the UK. Over the following two decades, the firm expanded from a single office in London to twelve offices across the UK, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia. The firm was acquired by WPP in 2001 and its US expansion was accelerated in 2013 when it merged with Robinson Lerer Montgomery, a titan in the world of crisis communications.

Global Team. Local Experts.







Making an impact

Across the world, our colleagues contribute to building a better society as we serve our clients and communities. Learn more about our approach to social responsibility, sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Partnership is powerful.

When we formed FGS Global, we decided that our colleagues would be partners, not just employees. We’re charting our destiny together, as a new generation of owners in the firm. The future we are building will be shared with our colleagues as we embark on this entrepreneurial journey together.

Our beliefs

We are leaders in all aspects of strategic communications, including corporate reputation, crisis management, government affairs, and transformation and change, as well as the leading force in financial communications worldwide.

Our partnership

FGS Global was formed from the combination of Finsbury, The Glover Park Group, Hering Schuppener and Sard Verbinnen & Co to offer board-level and c-suite counsel in all aspects of strategic communications — including corporate reputation, crisis management, government affairs and is also the leading force in financial communications worldwide.

FGS Global offers seamless and integrated support across 27 offices around the world. Additionally, with our Associate Partners Drury, LLYC and Fogel & Partners we are able to provide seamless support for clients across Ireland, Iberia, Latin America and the Nordic region.