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We’re committed.

In 2021, we committed to cutting our emissions at a pace that will make us one of the leaders in global professional services.

Target: Zero.

Our target is to reach net zero emissions by 2028 globally. To make material progress swiftly, we’re focused on three areas:

We will eliminate scope 1 & 2 emissions directly related to our operations in most offices by 2024 by investing in energy efficiency and ensuring that 100% of the electricity we use is from renewable sources.

We will develop a travel policy that helps us to aggressively reduce Scope 3 business travel emissions per FTE relative to 2019 levels by 2024.

We are investing in offsets to address our residual emissions. We invest in high-quality, certified projects that cover our entire footprint.

As the market matures, we will progressively transition our spend from avoided emissions projects to exclusively supporting carbon removal projects. From 2028 onward, we will become climate-positive by removing more carbon than we emit.

Ambition. Advocacy. Action.

Consistent with our commitment to credible climate action we have applied to join the UN’s Race to Zero campaign and will seek endorsement of our emissions reduction plan from the Science Based Targets Initiative in 2022. You can find details here.

Looking beyond our own operations, we use our skills and platforms to consistently advocate for individuals, companies and policies that drive meaningful change.