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Key Facts

What you should know about our approach and the REPUTATION INSIQHTS report:

  • 35.000 people polled in Germany

  • Over 70 DAX and EUROSTOXX companies analyzed

  • Result: undistorted reputation assessment

  • Six dimensions to measure and manage reputation

  • ReputationIQ: End-to-end reputation management platform

  • Combining reputation and media data to translate insights into action

  • Decoding stakeholder reputation

  • Identifying relevant drivers for reputation

  • Generating insights to inform action


All relevant reputation data from your enterprise, competition and stakeholders in one dashboard

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Reputation matters.

Good reputation management pays off

Companies in the industries with higher reputation scores generally score better across all behavior-related aspects*. This makes reputation a value driver for companies. Consequently, communication is becoming a unifying element and is moving much closer to strategy, investor relations, marketing, and public affairs.

* Willingness to say something positive about the respective company, to buy one of its products or use its services, to consider it as an employer, to recommend buying shares.

There are no universal reputation drivers.

Understand what your company needs

The results indicate that every industry has its own reputation drivers. This means that corporate reputation and its drivers depend on the industry and/or corporate context. Since corporate and industry contexts can change over time, "reputation provision" is worthwhile. What has no impact on reputation today may already be relevant tomorrow.

Individualization is key.

Tailor narrative and measures

Looking at the average reputation rating of all respondents, there are sometimes significant differences among stakeholder groups. Stakeholders have varying demands towards companies and specific reputation drivers of the overall reputation. Accordingly, measures and narratives need to be tailored and adjusted to the respective needs.

“Reputation requires joint management. For successful reputation management, strategy, communications, product and marketing leads have to work together even closer than before. This makes reputation management a leadership task.”

Brigitte von Haacke, Partner & CEO Europe

The future of communications

The potential of reputation management and ReputationIQ

We sat down with strategy expert Katrin Suder (Senior Advisor) to talk about the potential of reputation management and ReputationIQ.

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