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A foreign buyers guide to acquisitions in Germany

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In 2017, Germany saw a significant increase in inbound M&A. Inbound deal value almost doubled compared to the previous year. Yet, most foreign acquirers have only limited experience in the German market and do not fully appreciate its unique characteristics. Successfully conducting M&A transactions in Germany requires – just like in any other country – an understanding of the local particularities, corporate structures, legal and regulatory processes and culture. In the attached paper, our team has compressed its experiences with the largest, most complex and challenging incoming German M&A transactions. The result is a “Foreign Buyer’s Guide” describing with whom, when, how and why acquirers should communicate to get their deal done as smoothly as possible.

In the video above, Dr. Phoebe Kebbel, Managing Partner at Hering Schuppener in Frankfurt, talks about the most important stakeholder groups in an M&A deal in Germany.

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