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Dorothy Burwell named in EMpower’s Ethnic Minority Executives list

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For the fifth year running, EMpower recognises Dorothy Burwell in the Top 100 Ethnic Minority Executives list

Finsbury Partner Dorothy Burwell was named in EMpower’s Ethnic Minority Executives list, in association with Yahoo Finance. The 100 Ethnic Minority Executives category recognises 100 senior role models who are leading by example and removing barriers on the pathway to success for ethnic minority employees.

Dorothy serves on the firm’s diversity committee, Finsbury Roots, which focuses on supporting initiatives around the business to foster a more balanced workplace across gender, racial and sexual orientation bounds. This includes initiatives ensuring that recruitment practices encourage the interviewing and selection of individuals from varied backgrounds, creating support systems for returning mothers, as well as raising cultural awareness across the company to support inclusion and conscientious delivery of client mandates.

Dorothy also serves the wider WPP organisation as Finsbury’s executive sponsor on the WPP Roots Steering Committee, a committee which seeks to promote diversity and inclusion through the culture and work across agencies.