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Biden Administration's First 100 Days

True to promises made during the campaign, the Biden Administration has explicitly linked foreign and domestic policy as “foreign policy for the middle class,” while prioritizing getting America’s house in order first and foremost.

Passing the American Rescue Plan and tackling the COVID-19 crisis have been paramount, and work continues on proposed Infrastructure legislation. The White House also issued an Executive Order on Supply Chains and hosted a CEO Summit on Semiconductors and Supply Chains, both as part of the push to reduce dependence on foreign supply chains for critical components with both eco-nomic and national security implications. Taken as a whole, these actions constitute a consistent approach to rebuilding the ability to project power and compete on the global stage, with an explicit focus on China articulated from the President and other Administration officials.

Below is an overview of the major areas of foreign policy action by the Biden Administration in the first 100 days.