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CERAWeek 2024: A Defining Moment for the Energy Transition


CERAWeek is no longer just an oil and gas conference. It is an integrated energy forum that facilitates discussions among global energy leaders to find common ground as each of them grapple with the challenges of providing clean, sustainable energy resources to critical markets.

Hosted by S&P Global in Houston from March 18-22, the annual CERAWeek conference will convene more than 8,000 global energy leaders across industries and governments to debate and discuss strategies for an energy world in rapid transformation. The conference is set to feature speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, including U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm; NextEra Chairman, President & CEO John Ketchum; and ABB LTD President, Process Automation, Peter Terwiesch, among others.

As the first major global energy gathering since COP28 – where nearly 200 countries agreed to a historic climate deal aimed to keep the global temperature limit of 1.5°C within reach – this year’s theme of Multidimensional Energy Transition: Markets, Climate, Technology and Geopolitics perfectly captures the moment we are facing.

The United States has acted on clean tech and climate policy with the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act. The IRA’s technology-neutral approach, relative permanence over a 10-year period, and inclusion of bonus rates to incentivize U.S. manufacturing, labor, and domestic content are driving investment toward clean technology. The European Union and Japan have followed suit with similar programs to drive investment in the energy transition.

At the same time, energy is at the center of geopolitical events around the globe. The war in Ukraine focused attention on Europe’s reliance on imported natural gas from Russia, and U.S. LNG exports are filling the gap. Tensions between the U.S. and China around energy manufacturing and supply chains are at the center of the complex relationship between the two countries.

Heightened awareness of cyber security and the future of artificial intelligence loom large in the energy sector. With energy infrastructure that is increasingly connected, energy providers and governments are working together to capitalize on the benefits of new technologies while protecting these assets and their customers from attacks.

CERAWeek comes at a critical moment for global stakeholders facing similar challenges in the areas of energy security, decarbonization, and affordability to engage directly with each other and find common ground as the world progresses through this era of energy transition toward a lower carbon future.

FGS Global has been part of the energy and sustainability conversation for decades, and our team will be on-site at CERAWeek helping our clients navigate issue-based challenges, political dynamics, and daily logistical hurdles.

To meet up at CERAWeek or to learn more about the FGS Global Energy Team, reach out to us at: