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How to Engage Retail Investors Online

Online conversations can move markets and publicly traded companies are embracing new strategies to engage retail shareholders online like never before.

Digital retail shareholder engagement programs allow corporate communications professionals to better understand, reach and engage retail investors.

With strategic implementation and innovative deployments, companies can better define who their retail shareholders are, how they perceive the company and create more effective strategies for engagement. Whether in a fast-moving contested situation or long-term outreach, developing a thoughtful retail shareholder communications program can create favorable outcomes with your retail shareholder base.

Digital retail investor engagement is a new frontier for corporate communications; it requires strategic implementation and innovation to make it successful:

1. Learn More About Your Retail Shareholders and How They Perceive You: Your retail shareholders are diverse and varied in their perception of your company. Without better intelligence about that perception, it may be difficult to effectively engage them.

2. Leverage the Growing Ecosystem of Technologies, Tools and Data to Better Engage Retail Shareholders Directly: Armed with insight on your retail shareholders, engaging them online requires a deep understanding of the tools and targeting available to you. Understanding where and what to leverage will make your program successful.

3. Build a Lasting Community to be Activated in Normal Course and Contested Situations: With the right intelligence and activation plan, publicly traded companies can develop lasting communities that provide increasing value from a growing retail shareholder base to more favorable outcomes in voting scenarios.