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Q4 2023 Stakeholder Pulse Report

The Stakeholder Pulse (formerly The Business Policy Survey) is FGS Global’s quarterly survey of key business stakeholders that measures and tracks attitudes toward major issues affecting U.S. corporations.


Each quarter, the Stakeholder Pulse surveys three business stakeholder audiences:

  • Business Decision-Makers: Individuals who make hiring, purchasing or financial investment decisions on behalf of their companies

  • Investors: Individuals with $100K or more in securities investments who follow news about business and financial markets closely

  • Employees: Individuals who work at for-profit companies with at least 1,000 employees

Stakeholders’ outlook for 2024 is cautiously optimistic.

The majority of corporate stakeholders (business decision-makers, employees, and investors) expect the economy to grow in 2024. Business growth, insulating against potential economic shocks, and cybersecurity are among the top issues that all three stakeholder groups want U.S. companies to prioritize in the coming year.

The 2024 election year may present challenges for corporations.

Nearly half of corporate stakeholders worry that U.S. companies may become political targets in partisan conflicts resulting from the upcoming presidential election. The level of concern is the same on both sides of the aisle.

Frustration with the Biden administration continues to grow.

While the plurality of stakeholders are satisfied with Biden’s policy agenda (40%), the share who feel it “doesn’t go far enough” has increased to 32% -- the highest levels since the beginning of his term.

Download the report here.