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FGS Global appoints nineteen new Partners globally

FGS Global the strategic advisor for the stakeholder economy today announced that it has promoted nineteen people to Partner. The nineteen individuals, from nine offices across the globe will join the FGS Global partnership as we continue to expand our offer, strengthen connections with colleagues, clients, and build a strong future.

New Partners:

  • Claudia Kosser, Shanghai

  • Dan Watson, Washington, DC

  • Danya Al-Qattan, New York

  • David Somerville, Head of Creative, North America (Creative)

  • Gina Foote, Washington, DC

  • Hannah Dunning, San Francisco

  • Joe Berg, Los Angeles

  • Kirsti Hastings, New York

  • Leah Polito, San Francisco

  • Lindsay Plack, Washington, DC

  • Megan Grant, New York

  • Megan Moore, Washington, DC

  • Michael Mittelman, New York

  • Mike Iger, Washington, DC

  • Raphael Eisenmann, Frankfurt

  • Sarah Crawshaw, Hong Kong

  • Scott Klampfer, New York (Creative)

  • Tanja Dorr, Munich

  • Xiaoni Chen, Beijing

Congratulations to all our colleagues around the world.