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Q3 2023 Business Policy Survey Report

The Business Policy Survey (BPS) is FGS Global’s quarterly survey of key business stakeholders that measures and tracks attitudes toward major public policy issues.  


Each quarter, the BPS surveys three business stakeholder audiences: 

  • Business Decision-Makers: Individuals who make hiring, purchasing or financial investment decisions on behalf of their companies

  • Investors: Individuals with $100K or more in securities investments who follow news about business and financial markets closely

  • Employees: Individuals who work at for-profit companies with at least 1,000 employees


Fears of recession are beginning to ease.

The number of corporate stakeholders who believe the economy is in recession has declined by twelve percentage points relative to last quarter. In addition, a large majority of stakeholders (70%) are very or somewhat optimistic that a recession can be avoided in the next year.

Overall, stakeholders expect artificial intelligence to be positive for their companies, though not without reservations.

A majority of employees, business decision-makers, and investors feel that AI will have a positive effect on their companies. However, stakeholders also express concern about increased misinformation and other potential negative effects of AI. Correspondingly, a large majority of corporate stakeholders (87%) feel that regulating the AI industry is important.

Corporate AI guidelines are not keeping pace with employee usage.

While 57% of employees and business decision-makers have personally used generative AI (such as ChatGPT) for work purposes, only 49% indicate that their company has communicated AI usage guidelines to employees.


Download the report here.