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Finsbury workforce return

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Never before has the way companies treat their employees had a more immediate, significant and potentially lasting impact on corporate reputation, trust and loyalty. Yet, with communities everywhere opening up without a vaccine or effective treatment in place, leaders are having to make and communicate major decisions affecting their employees, communities, and public health amid tremendous uncertainty and risk.

Finsbury Workforce Return helps organizations see around corners, strengthen employee engagement and help companies communicate with extraordinary impact.

What we do

We bring our experience leading some of the world’s most complicated COVID-19 communications challenges – including for companies with essential, front line workers and businesses in Asia that have now reopened their workplaces.

We provide detailed diagnostics and a team of some of the most respected and strategic internal, crisis and corporate communications experts.

And together, we help companies address the unprecedented challenges in reopening, rebuilding and reintroducing team members to the workplace.

How we do it

Finsbury Workforce Return provides bespoke, full-service solutions that empower CEOs, CCOs, CHROs, legal counsel and other senior executives to address their most significant pandemic communications concerns.

Using detailed diagnostic and benchmarking tools, a comprehensive planning framework and insights gained from COVID-related and restructuring work with clients across a broad range of industries around the world, Finsbury Workforce Return helps company leaders accelerate the move from crisis to rebuild and renewal.

Special areas of focus

  • Bringing employees safely back to the office

  • Ensuring that workforce decisions protect public health and are aligned with corporate values

  • Reengaging team members returning from furlough or layoff

  • Managing the complexities of staggered work schedules and longer-term work from home

  • Building employee understanding of shifts in strategy, staffing or operations

  • Anticipating reputational flashpoints

  • Communicating about concerns of essential workers

  • Preparing for litigation, union organizing and employee advocacy

  • Managing cutbacks or redundancies

  • Handling conflicts between government directives and employee expectations

  • Preparing for a coronavirus resurgence

  • Empowering leaders to inspire and engage employees throughout uncertainty

    Finsbury and Covid Communication

    Finsbury’s has helped lead communications around some of the world’s highest profile coronavirus challenges, including the reopening of offices and global manufacturing facilities, conflicts between government directives and public health recommendations, furlough and redundancy programs, major litigation and union organizing issues, and workplace concerns in the grocery, food production, higher education and healthcare industries in which essential employees have remained on the front lines.

    Finsbury Workforce Return also builds on the firm’s extensive global experience in employee and HR communications, crisis management, media relations, public affairs, and purpose and values development. Finsbury’s top ranked capital markets, litigation, labor, leadership and restructuring specialties provide added strength to this comprehensive solution for companies across industries.