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Report: A Conversation with Americans about the Future

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In March, The Glover Park Group hosted an in-depth conversation with Americans to see how they were feeling amidst COVID-19 and how institutions, specifically brands, can help. A month on, we ran a second conversation to explore how voters see the near future, and how business can stay ahead of changing attitudes. What we learned:

  • Americans give credit to companies and CEOs who have stepped up to the plate, but they’re watching closely to see if companies do the right thing for their employees.

  • People are cautious about reopening and are not willing to put their health on the line. They support testing and a staggered return, but express strong reservations about track and trace programs.

  • As voters tire of the political blame game, businesses can fill the gap by outlining practical steps for returning to normal that are rooted in safety and science.

    You can read more details in GPG’s full report, including detailed insights about what Americans expect of businesses and leaders as the nation continues to navigate the coronavirus crisis.

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