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Report: A New Normal in the Regulatory Landscape for FDI

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In the last year, the social, political and regulatory environment in the U.S., Europe and China has become less hospitable to foreign investment. Since the last review of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) screening efforts published by The Glover Park Group, Finsbury and Hering Schuppener Consulting in Autumn 2017, a “new normal” has emerged that is shifting attitudes regarding major investments by foreign entities

In the US, CFIUS’ authority has been expanded; in the European Union, a framework to allow scrutiny of FDIs across the EU has begun to emerge; in the UK, the government is looking to dramatically expand its involvement in screening investments; in France, new laws are being considered to strengthen the role of government in scrutinizing FDI; in Germany, the threshold for government intervention in a transaction is diminishing; and in China, government actions and Western expectations regarding the pace of FDI reforms remain out of sync.

In A New Normal in the Regulatory Landscape for FDI,” our experts in Washington, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London, and Beijing review these trends and provide guidance on navigating transactions with foreign investors in this challenging environment.

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