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The Power of Colleague Advocates in Times of Transformation

Colleagues are powerful influencers that can accelerate or detract from the success of a strategic, operational or leadership transformation, particularly around capital markets events.

During a business transformation, winning employee support through engagement, involvement and storytelling is proven to be instrumental to strong business outcomes. Strong employee communications helps:

  • Build employee advocacy, pride and ownership

  • Unify a fractured, siloed or merged organization

  • Connect to younger generations who emphasize culture

  • Retain and attract the talent the business needs

To succeed, companies must clearly communicate the state of the business, market challenges and why change is essential to the organization. Here is where to focus:

- Provide a compelling vision for the future and a clear path forward.

- Humanize leadership and demonstrate accountability.

- Encourage conversations and engage employees around their role in the company’s future.

- Underscore transparency, openness and respect.

- Create optimism about the future and continue to communicate regularly.

We partner with clients of all sizes — from start-ups to global market leaders — to develop communication campaigns that engage, empower, and energize employees. Working in tailored teams, that combine employee and business strategy expertise, we’re focused on growing our clients’ businesses by:

  • Accelerating adoption of business strategy

  • Driving value through employee engagement

  • Raising profile with stakeholders

  • Engaging employees at times of disruption

  • Future proofing structures and operational practices

  • Redesigning communications with purpose and scalability