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The Window for IPOs May Be Opening: What Implications Could This Have for Companies?

The recent successful IPOs of Klaviyo and Arm have ignited discussions around the reopening of the U.S. equity capital markets following two quiet years. NYSE’s U.S. Head of Capital Markets, Bonnie Hyun, recently spoke with John Christiansen, FGS Global’s Co-Head of Transactions and Financial Communications, on the implications for companies now that the window of opportunity for IPOs could be opening. She shared her unique insights into the macroeconomic factors impacting the U.S. IPO market, what companies should think about before going public in this environment and the sectors and themes to watch going into the new year.

"Whatever the case may be, companies should be really prepared to embrace the public market. And that really starts with messaging and having strategic communication advisors to help with the messaging from day one to help make sure you're targeting the right investors, and leverage-- our media," said Bonnie.

Watch the full interview here.

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