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What Uber should do next

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The new CEO at Uber clearly has to calm the waters with six important audiences: employees (and prospective employees), investors, the Board, regulators, drivers and customers. The challenge for the incoming CEO is where to begin – with so many audiences that have such a diverse set of issues.

We would advocate they lead with the employee base – as the most prominent public concerns have centered on the company’s culture and not its core product or service.

They must articulate clearly how the company will change its reputation as having a rogue culture without losing the appetite for risk-taking and innovation. Bringing aboard Bozema St. John from Apple is a strong first step from a hiring perspective.

From a business perspective, Uber’s competitors will use this tumultuous moment to make inroads into Uber’s leadership position. The new CEO should drive the management to continue to run the business while he or she is driving cultural change, demonstrating that they value their employees, and at the same time, staying laser focused on what has made Uber such an innovative and compelling brand.