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André Malkine

Managing Director, Digital Development


André Malkine

Life at FGS Global

André Malkine utilizes his combined creative and technical backgrounds to offer alignment, clarity and oversight between visual design and digital development teams.

Life Pre-FGS Global

André has been a web designer, animator and programmer for two decades, primarily as Senior Digital Artist at a creative digital studio called Moonfarmer.

Life Beyond FGS Global

You can often find André practicing the cello and writing scripts for graphic novels he plans to someday illustrate.

André has always found the blending of art and technology to be a natural and rewarding pursuit. Throughout his career, he has worked to infuse digital products with innate appeal and smooth operability for those who use them. André is a natural moderator and, in many ways, sees it as his role to moderate relationships between people and machines.

At FGS Global, André leads a team of technical designers responsible for bridging the gap between Creative Services’ visual designers and Digital Development’s software developers to ensure a smooth and accurate translation between art and engineering. He and his team create tools to help align and facilitate successful designs, accurate implementations and highest quality final products.

As a digital artist, André Malkine specializes in user experience design, visual design and animation for web and mobile applications. He also has extensive backgrounds in illustration, motion graphics, 3d animation and design for both print and digital advertising.

As a web developer, André feels just as much at home on a team of programmers and engineers as he would in a designer’s studio. He has worked on the cutting edge of front-end development throughout his career on a wide array of software projects.

André Malkine