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Ben Waldron

Managing Director, Strategic Communications Division

Ben Waldron

Life at FGS Global

Helps his clients tell stories that hit the right notes so they can reach the audiences that matter and navigate opportunity, challenge, and change.

Life Pre-FGS Global

Worked for FGS Global predecessor firm along with another top firm in the industry. Spent three years on the marketing team at a large software company.

Life Beyond FGS Global

Lives with his family in Baltimore, MD. Music hound, half-hearted cyclist, hopelessly devout O's & Ravens fan. Above all, anchovy addict.

Ben Waldron is a Managing Director at FGS Global. Working with clients in a range of industries – including healthcare, media, sports and entertainment, and finance – Ben specializes in helping companies tell the sharpest possible story to the right audience, make announcements that generate the right sort of attention, and navigate unexpected and challenging situations in the right way.

A resident of Baltimore, MD and a member of FGS Global’s Washington, D.C. office, Ben has over a decade of experience in corporate communications and marketing, having worked for earlier incarnations of FGS Global and another leading communications firm, along with the software company Sprinklr. Ben combines an appreciation for crafting strong narratives with an understanding of how to share them, whether through the media, directly with customers and other key stakeholders, or across a company’s own platforms.

Ben received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Tufts University.

Ben Waldron
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