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Benjamin Bühringer


Benjamin Bühringer

Life at FGS Global

Responsible for all aspects of ESG. That is, sustainability, good relations between companies and employees, and the purpose of companies.

Life Pre-FGS Global

A student of Politics and Public Administration as well as International Political Communication at the Universities of Konstanz and Sheffield and a freelance journalist.

Life Beyond FGS Global

A good cook and even better at eating, preferably on trips to places where long hikes are possible to ensure halfway adequate burning of calories.

Benjamin Bühringer is a Director at the Government Affairs Division and is based in the company’s Berlin office. He advises clients on questions of strategic positioning in political-regulatory affairs, both in Germany and at EU level.

Benjamin's focus is on all aspects of ESG: sustainability, labour and social affairs issues as well as corporate purpose. Since starting at FGS Global in 2014, he has assisted companies and associations across a wide range of sectors, including circular economy, mobility, agriculture, financial services, retail, and food.

Prior to joining Hering Schuppener in 2014, he gained professional experience with the PR agency Scholz & Friends Agenda, as a journalist freelancer, in the German Bundestag and in the German Embassy in London. Benjamin holds a BA and an MA in Politics and Public Administration from the University of Konstanz and an MA in International Political Communication from the University of Sheffield.

Benjamin Bühringer
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