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Bernhard Brauß


Bernhard Brauß

Life at FGS Global

Advises clients, especially from the healthcare and tech sector, in strategic positioning and on how to advocate their interests in the political sphere in Germany and at the EU level.

Life Pre-FGS Global

Gained experience in the Bundestag, in European interest representation and a German embassy. He studied politics, administration and management in Konstanz, and European studies (focus on regulation) in Münster and Twente.

Life Beyond FGS Global

Enthusiastic (amateur) art critic – preferably on extended city exploration trips.

Bernhard Brauß is a Director in the Government Affairs Division at the Berlin office. He supports his clients in their strategic positioning in the political and social environment, both in Germany and at the EU level.

His focus is primarily on the healthcare and tech sector. In addition, since starting at FGS Global (then Hering Schuppener) in 2015, he has advised companies and associations from multiple other sectors, including energy, construction and housing, private equity and industry.

Prior to joining, he worked in an MP's office in the German Bundestag, in interest representation for a German company at EU level and in a German embassy. He holds a BA degree in Politics, Administration and Management from the University of Konstanz (Germany) and MS/MA degrees in European Studies (with a focus on regulation) from the universities in Münster (Germany) and Twente (Netherlands).

Bernhard Brauß
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