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Dan Richfield

Managing Director, Senior Software Architect

Dan Richfield

Life at FGS Global

Designs software and infrastructure solutions on digital projects for a wide variety of clients. Leads development teams through project implementation.

Life Pre-FGS Global

A serial entrepenuer in tech and beyond, Dan has focused his attention on software development.

Life Beyond FGS Global

When not hiking in New York’s Hudson Valley with his wife and dog, he's an active homeowner builder and tech nerd. Always thinking of the next project.

Dan Richfield is a Senior Software Architect in the firm’s New York office, where he develops digital solutions for a wide variety of clients across many industries. He works closely with our Insights, Creative Services and Analytics teams and leverages over 20 years of engineering and leadership experience to create software and cloud based infrastructure.

A creative thinker, Dan searches for problems to solve in addition to solving for problems already known. This naturally led him to run several businesses and large scale projects ranging from Web hosting to furniture building to house building. In these ventures, creative problem solving and leadership were the primary tenants of their success. As an entrepenuer, he directed every aspect of business including budgeting, marketing, development, production and sales. However, gaining an understanding of people and how to move them may have been the most valuable takeaway from those experiences.

Dan is always happy to chat with you about tree identification, micro and macro nutrients, off grid sustainable living, or your future building projects.

Dan Richfield
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