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David Somerville


David Somerville

Life at FGS Global

Leads a team of designers & producers to move hearts and change minds. Partners with strategists, storytellers, and technologists to exceed client objectives.

Life Pre-FGS Global

Spent a year driving across America in an RV with his wife and three young children. Creative Director at The Atlantic.

Life Beyond FGS Global

Gulf Coast dweller. Dostoevsky & Watterson. Likes cold takes, gas station coffee, & people who use Comic Sans.

David Somerville is Partner at FGS Global and leads the firms Design practice. David specializes in empathetic problem solving, design execution, and brand storytelling. He loves digging deep into client problems, using design to remove obstacles to communication between individuals. He believes that design in its purest form is about helping people radically understand each other, and eagerly applies that philosophy to both intimate and epic business challenges.

David spent the bulk of his career at Atlantic Media, where he started as a Web Designer before becoming the Creative Director at three successive Atlantic Media properties, including The Atlantic itself. There, he oversaw the entirety of The Atlantic’s brand, designed national magazine covers, and helped carry forth the vision of an American media institution transformed into a digital powerhouse.

David left The Atlantic to drive across America in an RV with his wife and three small children (7, 5, and 2 years old when they left). He and his wife traveled the country for a year, searching for the best town to raise their kids in, before finally settling in St. Petersburg, Florida, where brown pelicans plunge into the sun-warmed Gulf of Mexico.

David has a BA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and will take any opportunity to talk to you about Infinite Jest, wabi-sabi, a tragically overlooked 80’s band called The Adventures, or Greek mythology.

David Somerville
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