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Dorothy Burwell

Partner, Global Partnership Board

Dorothy Burwell

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Life at FGS Global

Helps clients articulate their strategy, objectives and values with clarity and conviction when she is not serving as Head of Global Marketing and chief brand steward.

Life Pre-FGS Global

Spent her formative years on Wall Street and Fleet Street clocking hours crunching numbers, writing pitch books plus all the sleepless nights in between.

Life Beyond FGS Global

Championing consumer rights and inclusion in society when not pursuing her love of music and dance in foreign lands.

Dorothy is a member of FGS Global’s Global Board and a Partner based out of London.

She has worked with clients at various stages of development to help expand their profile and enhance their reputations through focused and data-led campaigns.

Dorothy helps her clients connect with their stakeholders, understand and internalize their perspectives and respond to their concerns – whether that includes shareholders, employees or the general public. She began her career nearly 20 years ago in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and has worked with numerous clients to successfully communicate complex M&A and IPO transactions as well as investment opportunities.

When she is not working with her clients, she dedicates time to championing consumer rights and inclusion in society and sits on the council of trustees for Which?, the U.K. largest consumer rights organization. She is also a board member of Post Holdings, Inc and Pennon plc. Dorothy graduated from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business administration and is a dual British and American citizen.

Dorothy Burwell
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