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Evonne Xiao


Evonne Xiao

Life at FGS Global

Advise multinational companies in profile raising across Asia and provide communications support for Chinese companies going global

Life Pre-FGS Global

Built up extensive experience and exposure in Corporate Communications through both agency and in-house roles

Life Beyond FGS Global

Being outdoors or a mad scientist in the kitchen; occasionally can be caught reading Hawking and pondering the mystery of the universe

Joined FGS Global Hong Kong office in January 2019, Evonne is now based out of Shenzhen, leading operations and stakeholder relationships across the Greater Bay Area.

Evonne has well-rounded experience in assisting both established companies and tech startups in building as well as reinforcing corporate images in targeted markets, particularly in Asia. She has advised a wide variety of clients with a focus on the finance, technology and healthcare sectors, and has a successful track record of launching stakeholder engagement programs, IPO communication programs and corporate events. Prior to her current role, Evonne has been leading the communications function of TNG FinTech Group, a regional e-Wallet player. Prior to that she worked at Strategic Public Relations Group, advising and supporting Hong Kong listed companies and financial institutions.

Evonne holds a MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies from The University of Hong Kong and a BA from Waseda University in Japan. She also studied Marketing in the UK during a one-year exchange program. As a native speaker of Mandarin and Cantonese, Evonne is fluent in English and Japanese.

Evonne Xiao