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Glyn Gaskarth

Managing Director

Glyn Gaskarth

Life at FGS Global

Advises clients on political risk, leads on strategic research projects, policy development and messaging.

Life Pre-FGS Global

Former Head of a unit at the Policy Exchange think tank and a Special Adviser on Home Affairs.

Life Beyond FGS Global

Reading political and history books, buying cookery books that I don't read but look nice and spending time with my wife and kids.

Glyn Gaskarth is a Managing Director in the London Office.

He conducts strategic research for clients, identifying policy opportunities, advising on managing the potential risks and how to engage effectively with policymakers.

Worked with HPE to convey the experience of large UK inward investors such as Pfizer, GE and Lockheed Martin on trade and investment policy to the Department for International Trade.

Advised an insurance company on political risk in the sector. Helped to coordinate their response on a major piece of UK legislation and to provide political intelligence and insight on the emerging legislative issues.

Provided strategic analysis for a gambling company on the potential political and business implications of the UK gambling review and wider political activity on gambling as part of that company's analysis of the UK market.

Worked for an accountancy representative body to identify the implications of the introduction of a major piece of UK legislation for their business model. Assessed their profile and designed a programme of work to promote their policy objectives to key stakeholders.

Earlier in his career, he developed policy proposals for influential think tanks such as Civitas, Localis, the Local Government Information Unit, the Centre for Policy Studies, and the TaxPayers' Alliance.

He was a researcher for an MP in Parliament and later a special adviser for the Conservative Party on Home Affairs. Formerly Head of Crime and Justice at the Policy Exchange think tank.

He holds a BSC in International Relations from the LSE.

Glyn Gaskarth
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