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Matthew Six

Managing Director

Matthew Six

Life at FGS Global

Oversees day-to-day operations at our global headquarters in New York.

Life Pre-FGS Global

Operations Director at predecessor firm, Sard Verbinnen & Co.

Life Beyond FGS Global

Office Sommelier. Roast chicken perfectionist. Pinxto expert. Long suffering New York Mets fan.

Matthew Six is a Managing Director in FGS Global's New York office. With over twenty years of experience, he leads the operations and front desk teams, manages voice and physical security systems throughout North America, and works closely with our IT operations and onsite support teams. Matthew is a member of the firm’s Business Continuity, Cyber Incident, IT Integration and Global Sustainability teams.

He has extensive experience in the firm’s real estate and relocation projects, office buildouts and project management.

Matthew lives in West Orange, New Jersey with his wife and son.

Matthew Six