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Novita Kohli

Director, Media Planning and Placement

Novita Kohli

Life at FGS Global

Ensure that all aspects of an advertising campaign are meticulously planned and executed to yield optimal results.

Life Pre-FGS Global

Developed and implemented digital marketing plans and strategies for clients in various industries while working at multiple advertising agencies.

Life Beyond FGS Global

An enthusiastic traveler, with a deep-seated passion for exploring diverse cultures and engaging in outdoor activities alongside my spouse.

As a Director at FGS Global on the Media Planning & Placement team, Novita Kohli coordinates and executes advertising campaigns for corporate and non-profit clients across the firm’s practice areas.

Based in Washington, D.C., Novita specializes in paid media buying, planning, and reporting.

Prior to joining FGS Global, Novita served as a Digital Media Manager at a communication agency in Washington, D.C. Her role primarily involved leading paid media campaigns for two high-profile U.S. Department of Homeland Security campaigns aimed at addressing terrorism-related suspicious activity and human trafficking. Over the years, Novita has worked with clients from diverse sectors, including government/public affairs, higher education, energy and utilities, healthcare, and retail sectors, including high-profile Fortune 100 companies.

Novita graduated from the University of Delhi, India, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising.

Novita Kohli
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