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Reinhard Hoenighaus


Reinhard Hoenighaus

Life at FGS Global

Supports clients in pan-European communication and strategic positioning, especially towards the media and stakeholders in different EU Member States.

Life Pre-FGS Global

Communications professional with ample experience handling complex, fast-moving issues at the interface of business, media and politics. Before joining FGS Global, Reinhard was a spokesperson for the European Commission in Berlin and a business journalist for the Financial Times Deutschland in Frankfurt and Brussels.

Life Beyond FGS Global

Mostly outdoors, with his family in a VW Bulli or on a racing bike. Reinhard manages a farm in his native Münsterland with meadow orchards thriving without him for months. However, at harvest time, he has to be there.

As Partner at FGS Global in Berlin and Brussels, Reinhard Hoenighaus advises companies in strategic positioning in Germany and the European Union. His focus is on pan-European communication strategies to ensure that clients' messages are understood in different national media systems and public spheres.

Reinhard is a seasoned media and communications professional. He was responsible for the European Commission's media strategy in Germany for many years as its spokesperson in Berlin, first for President Barroso, then President Juncker and most recently President von der Leyen. In day-to-day political controversies, he made sure the Commission’s position was heard. He challenged German convictions on Europe and, in teamwork with Commission staff in other capitals, offered the media pan-European perspectives on transformative crises, their political or regulatory solutions, and the collective power of European democracies to shape change.

Previously, he worked for ten years as a business journalist for the Financial Times Deutschland, including as chief correspondent and team leader in the financial centre of Frankfurt and as EU correspondent in Brussels.

Reinhard holds a Diploma in International Business and Cultural Studies from Passau University with academic stints in Southeast Asia. He speaks English, Bahasa Indonesia and has not yet completely forgotten the Hebrew he learned during his 18-months community service in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Reinhard Hoenighaus
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