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Tina Mentner

Chairwoman, Continental Europe

Tina Mentner

Life at FGS Global

Accompanies as chairwoman the development of FGS Global in Continental Europe and advises in special situations.

Life Pre-FGS Global

Consultant in two PR-agencies. University in Munich. Magister Artium (.M.A.) in Communication Science, Economics and Psychology.

Life Beyond FGS Global

Mentor for young women in the communications and other industries. Supporter of different charity projects. Traveller with a passion for Africa.

Tina Mentner is Chairwoman of FGS Global in Continental Europe. She was co-founder of Hering Schuppener Consulting, one of the predecessor companies of FGS Global.

Tina was a partner in the Düsseldorf office and responsible for the Crisis Management Practice. Companies and organizations as well as their leadership teams relied on her comprehensive experience and expertise in mission critical situations. Her focus was on restructuring & insolvency, product crises and compliance issues.

Tina advised numerous clients in a broad variety of industries. She has a special, in-depth knowledge of the automotive, industrial, infrastructure, food and agriculture and education sector.

Prior to joining the firm in 1999, she worked as a consultant at PR agencies in Worms and Düsseldorf. Tina studied communications, economics and psychology.

Tina Mentner
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