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A higher degree of experience.

We've done the homework

We help public, private and nonprofit institutions touching every part of education – from early childhood to higher education — navigate highly complex issues. We know who and what is shaping the industry. Our work is driven by a critical understanding of the challenges facing the education space and deep relationships with the journalists and other influential voices that matter.

Our counsel is tailored to your individual institution, based on seasoned judgment and supported by our in-house research and analytics teams.


Our team has broad experience in areas of critical importance to institutional reputation:

Crisis and special situations:

  • Title IX incidents and investigations

  • Gender, race and LGBT+ issues​

  • Academic integrity issues ​

  • Labor union relations​

Academic and brand leadership:

  • Branding and positioning​

  • Media relations, including social and digital media outreach​

  • International expansion and partnerships​

  • Technology​ and online student learning resources

Executive/leadership positioning and visibility:

  • Executive/leadership profile raising​

  • Presidential searches and leadership transitions ​

  • Media and presentation training

  • Social media profile development​

Public policy and social issues:

  • Government relations and lobbying​

  • Pandemic impacts

  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement​

  • ESG-related mandates​

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