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Legislative and Regulatory Strategy

Create the debate.

Government influence on business is only growing; public spending and interventionist policies are on the rise. Your company’s success doesn’t just depend on operational excellence and innovation. You need to anticipate, understand and respond to political and regulatory trends.

We help our clients meet this challenge by shaping and harnessing public policy debates to create a regulatory framework that protects their ability to operate. We combine our industry, market and policy expertise with our knowledge of key stakeholders to craft multi-disciplined, integrated advocacy campaigns.

Research-driven messaging is deployed not only through direct advocacy and legislative outreach but through earned media, stakeholder engagement, innovative use of digital and social media and live events. We ensure that your perspective is heard, valued and reflected in policymakers’ considerations.

Don't react. Predict.

No matter the region, we know the legislative landscape. With decades of deep experience — and hundreds of projects under way around the world — our finger is on the pulse of global regulatory trends. We develop effective strategies for what’s happening now, and for what’s around the corner.


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