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Presentation & Media Coaching

Preparation = persuasion

Leaders must be compelling in every situation, with every audience. Tick-the-box training won’t deliver. You need dynamic and sophisticated communications skills aligned to your business goals so you can influence the conversation.

Make the moment matter

We develop bespoke training programs to improve every type of executive appearance, including media interviews, internal presentations, public speeches, investor interactions, panel Q&A, videoconference remarks and government testimony. We offer group public speaking academies for high-potential talent and specialized seminars for emerging leaders.

A unique offering that delivers results

Our team of expert trainers is unlike any other: positioned across the globe; seamlessly integrated with your trusted account teams who already know your business challenges, messaging and goals; steeped in constantly refreshed insights into the psychology of persuasion and battle-tested in the highest-stakes client situations. We know coaching can be a vulnerable and intimate process, and work hard to be your trusted partner as you build skills. Collectively, we’ve trained thousands of clients from the top ranks of major corporations, media, government, education, nonprofits, and trade associations.