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Class Is in Session, and the Debates Are On: Education Leaders Faced with Increasing Challenges as the School Year Begins

Leaders in higher and secondary education are bracing for another year of heated debates as students return to school across the country.

Many complicated and divisive issues are pushing their way into the classroom, including:

  • Admissions policies in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action and a possible future case related to high school admissions practices. Schools and universities risk being caught in a squeeze between ensuring broad access to high-quality education and the threat of legal and social action from activists.

  • The teaching of American history, social-emotional learning and other topics are under fire as groups like Moms for Liberty advocate for significant changes to what’s being taught in the classroom and how public education funding can be utilized.

  • The impact of organized labor in higher education, particularly given increased unionization efforts in higher education and faculty and student willingness to strike.

  • Crisis preparedness and safety protocols in an age of mass shootings, assaults, and other acts of violence in and around schools and campuses.

  • The fast-emerging problems and opportunities presented by AI in how educators approach teaching and learning.

FGS Global’s Education team works across the institutional spectrum – from school systems to public and private colleges and universities, to nonprofit educational organizations – to navigate these increasingly choppy waters. We advise educational leaders and trustees how to prepare for, respond to and communicate about these issues (and more) across the broad range of stakeholders, including students and families, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, community leaders, and elected officials.

Our Education team includes former lawyers, educators, journalists, lobbyists and communicators, along with experts in research and insights, digital and social media, and new technologies such as AI. We work together to bring clients a deeper understanding of the issues they are facing and to develop actionable communications strategies that help an institution authentically convey its unique perspective, mitigate risk, and protect reputation.

If you are interested in connecting with FGS Global's education team, please reach out to