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For Leaders, the AI Revolution is a Call to Action

Ten months post-launch, ChatGPT now notches 10 million queries a day. Crunchbase reports that one quarter of all startup investment dollars in 2023 have gone to AI companies. In the latest quarterly FGS Global Business Policy Survey, almost 60 percent of employees and business leaders reported using generative AI tools for work.

Yes, the AI revolution is here.

Yet, despite its rapid growth, generative AI’s effect on our lives is only just beginning, and its transformational impact is yet to come. Emerging products show amazing promise, but they still aren’t trusted with the most sensitive information in critical situations. The regulatory environment is still uncertain. The legal landscape is still unsettled.

Even so, the industry and its stakeholders are moving fast. Enterprise-grade products are already hitting the market. Policymakers in the United States, UK and Europe are moving aggressively to establish rules of the road. AI-generated content is flooding social media.

Given the pace of change, uncertainty is no excuse for inaction. It’s time for leaders to prepare.

New AI tools may improve the efficiency of existing services – and drive growth by unlocking new ones – but they can also introduce significant reputational risks and vulnerabilities.

These tools will enable new ways to communicate and engage with stakeholders at all levels, while making every interaction a more complex interplay between humans and machines.

And, while AI tools will make it faster and easier than ever before to create compelling content, they’ll also unleash a wave of misinformation and disinformation that makes it harder to establish truth and build meaningful trust.

Effective and strategic stakeholder engagement is already important in today’s business environment. In tomorrow’s, thanks to generative AI, it will be elemental.

The time to act is now. Just as leaders must prepare their IT and data systems for these new tools, so too must organizations look hard at how they communicate.

At FGS Global, we’re at the forefront of this emerging challenge, building on our decades of experience helping companies navigate technology disruption, from the birth of the “World Wide Web” to the mobile revolution and the emergence of AI/ML. We are aggressively exploring and developing generative AI solutions within our own operations, and working closely with our clients to ensure they are prepared for what is to come.

It’s a challenging and exciting time, but transformation brings opportunity. We are here to help you capture it.