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Plugging the communications gap in retail banking

Retail banking is a highly competitive and dynamic market in which it can be difficult for communications campaigns to be differentiated, targeted and relevant. Many institutions can end up looking and sounding the same. In order to stand out from the crowd, we firmly believe the only place to start is with the data.  

Our Research & Insights team polled 5000 people, identifying five distinct attitudinal segments, with different demographic profiles and defined by their banking priorities and expectations. 


Click here to download the research infographic.

By understanding customers within this framework, we can uncover the issues that divide people and what they want – and don’t want - their bank to talk about. By grounding everything in data, communications teams can create much more nuanced and better targeted engagement strategies. 

To find out more about FGS Global’s retail banking research and insights contact Mike Turner or Chris Sibbald

To find out more about FGS Global’s Research & Insights capabilities contact Lord Andrew Cooper

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