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Window for Action Closing: Business Engagement in COP28

We are starting our second FGS Global Insights article with a last call: With COP28 approaching in less than two months’ time, a window is closing very soon for companies that are still deciding whether to take part in the largest global sustainability gathering.

The annual UN climate conference has evolved from a purely political meeting for negotiation to a forum for multi-stakeholder events where business has a legitimate seat at the table. This presents an imperative for corporates and sustainability leaders to join the conversation and drive solutions.

The COP28 programme is rapidly taking shape for both the Blue and Green Zones and beyond. The COP Presidency has published a two-week schedule providing an overview on selected events for each thematic day.

While time is running short, there are live opportunities for organizations to get engaged. Here are some possible routes:

  • Look beyond the Blue Zone: Obtaining Blue Zone access now will be difficult, but numerous events are taking place in the Green Zone and all over Dubai. Identify suitable speaking opportunities for your CEO and other senior executives there. Programming for the Green Zone will be available soon.

  • Connect with clients in Dubai: Approach your most important clients and business partners to find out where you can meet and engage with them – in public or behind closed doors. Over 70,000 daily participants are expected at COP28.

  • Collaborate with partners: Activate your network of associations, alliances and civil society partners to evaluate options for joint panels or new partnerships.

  • Engage with policymakers: Connect with your political contacts in the lead-up to COP28, as officials on the ground will be very busy with the negotiations. Learn what leaders and staff have planned at COP28, inform them about your organization’s activities and invite them to relevant programs.

  • Plan your media outreach: Prepare for opportunistic media outreach on the ground. Keep in mind that many opportunities will come up last-minute. Leverage key moments at COP28 and thematic days to secure smart media engagement.

Preparing business delegations for COP28

At FGS Global, with our broad knowledge of the global climate debate and previous COPs, as well our familiarity with the host country, we can also offer hands-on COP training for senior executives and teams that are planning to attend COP28. With this training, we share insights from our team of experts on how COPs work, challenges, and potential outcomes.

And we will provide guidance how to navigate the complex stakeholder landscape from media, politics and civil society to the role of business at COPs in order to make the most out of your COP28 presence.

Building upon decades of advising clients on their environmental, social, and corporate governance strategies around the world, FGS Global can help clients maximize their presence at COP28 and stand out in a crowded field.

Learn more about our team and services and how you can stay informed on the road to COP28.