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Government and Parliamentary Investigations

Protection is our priority.

When a corporate crisis spurs governments and parliaments to call for investigations and hearings, we help senior executives protect their company’s — and their own — reputations.

We know how to respond to inquiries, prepare for public hearings, and manage the inevitable media scrutiny.

Complex political motivations often lie behind such inquiries.

Our deep understanding of the political landscape and the relevant public officials helps us to anticipate the questions our clients will face and plan accordingly.

Support for every step.

Working closely with senior executives, their legal advisors and support teams, we ensure that written submissions are well-crafted and address the right audiences and their concerns. We provide tailored preparation for executives required to appear in person before committees.

Once hearings are under way, we can be on hand to deploy in-the-moment counsel to contend with shifting dynamics.

We also provide defensive approaches and positive messaging to help shape the news coverage and social media commentary.

Beyond the session, we supply longer-term assistance in reputation and brand recovery.


Inquiry response

Real time media and digital communications support

Pre-hearing preparation

Reputation management and recovery