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Equity Advisory and Investor Relations

Stakeholders reward compelling communications.

Increasing demands from shareholders, regulators and multiple other stakeholders mean your investor communications must be compelling and clear.

Keep your share price and market reputation strong with an agile year-round communications strategy, supported by a partner with best-in-class experience.

Make every word count.

Framing your equity story calls for a comprehensive understanding of all stakeholder groups, from investors and regulators to analysts and proxy advisors. It requires a rigorous dive into investor perceptions and expectations on environmental, social and governance factors. More than anything, effective storytelling requires a partner you can trust.

Using our granular understanding of what drives your share price and who influences it, we provide confidential and practical advice to the Board of Directors, Management and Investor Relations on optimizing valuation and market impact through communications excellence.

Experience in action.

With a deep bench that includes experienced IR heads, analysts, capital market specialists and bankers, we provide strategic communications support that is clear, compliant and meaningful.

Our advice is informed by deep research and insights. As your partner, we are ideally positioned to augment internal efforts and provide the open honest feedback you need to reduce volatility and drive value.

NIRI 2024

FGS Global is an integral part of shaping the rapidly changing landscape for investors. Our team will be on-site at the NIRI Annual Conference sharing insight on how to help our clients navigate issue-based challenges, rapidly evolving technology, and elevated expectations for financial communications.