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Activism Defense

Control the conversation when activists attack.

We’ll prepare you to defend against activist shareholders who threaten your position and reputation.

Public debates with your investors can tie up resources and take your eye off your larger plan. Even worse, they can hurt your stock price and increase volatility. To win, you need to control the conversation.

Build your defense before a threat strikes.

Any listed company can be the target of an attack. The question isn’t “if,” it’s “how” and “when” — and what measures you have in place to stop it.


We’ve helped companies across the globe identify areas of vulnerability, preparing their defenses for the most likely lines of attack. We know just how important it is to get ahead of threats to your reputation and market position.


When the challenge has already begun, we’re there to analyze your position, craft defensive and counter-attacking messages, and build trust with your stakeholders. We use a campaign mindset to communicate your strategic merits and control the narrative to keep your shareholders on side.

Know the terrain.

We see around corners: we know the activists and attackers, and how to combat them.

Our team and network are extensive, spanning investor relations, proxy advisors, bankers, lawyers, analysts, corporate intelligence, former activist communications specialists and the media. We’re uniquely equipped to simulate potential attacks and strike back effectively.

Strategic Governance Advisors

In addition to our experienced team, we work with our partner, Strategic Governance Advisors, to help clients successfully engage with investors and proxy advisory firms when facing or preparing for an activist or shareholder issue.