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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Supersize your cybersecurity.

Novel threats emerge continuously, risking everything from disrupted operations to unauthorized data access.

At the same time, global regulators are tightening requirements around data use and incident disclosure. Organizations need clear policies and protocols for safeguarding sensitive information and defending against intrusions.

With cyber incidents increasingly unavoidable, unprepared enterprises risk deepening the crisis and damaging stakeholder trust. Follow-on litigation can multiply risk and exposure.

Achieve radical resilience.

From fast-growing startups to global brands, we help to build a culture of resilience so you can prepare for, manage and recover from the unique reputational and communications challenges of cyber incidents.

From detection to disclosure to resolution, we partner closely with your in-house teams and external advisors, including legal counsel and digital forensics experts, to deliver timely, accurate and compelling information to affected parties.

If you have any questions around your cyber communications, and anticipating the ever-changing ransomware landscape, please contact the team: