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Restructuring and Transformation

Complexity, meet clarity.

Default and restructuring situations can be contentious. We help management teams, boards, issuers, creditors, insolvency practitioners, judicial managers, turnaround managers and trustees to lower the temperature and protect brand value.

We draw on our deep experience in finance, law and journalism — and our experience with history’s most complex restructurings across the globe — to reduce tensions and maintain stakeholder confidence. Our extensive relationships with media, commentators and experts help us advance narratives that further your legal and financial goals.

Jurisdiction can play a significant role in managing your outcome. We have experts across the U.S., U.K., Europe and Asia—and across sectors, including retail, energy, media and financial services.

From statutory processes such as negotiations with co-determination bodies to escalating conflicts like strikes or campaigns, we develop understanding across stakeholders, from customers and suppliers to employees and corporate leaders.


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