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Future-Proof Communications

Stay ahead of a changing landscape.

Your communications teams are under pressure to respond to digitization and globalization. They need to tell an increasingly complex story to a wider range of stakeholders. Societal pressures and global uncertainties have furthered the imperative to transform and strengthen storytelling to meet these challenges.

Communications departments need to future-proof their workstreams and creative output as their companies evolve, embracing digitization, integration, and data-driven management.

Make success systematic.

We help you modernize your communications structures and processes, leveraging digital technologies and data while enhancing the skill sets and culture of your communications specialists. We deploy a model that enables change, drives strategy, and fosters resilience.

Our future-proofing process is designed as a management exercise — run with workshops and a toolbox, it takes a maximum of 100 days.

Rigor, refined.

We have honed our process over years of experience with hundreds of organizations. Our consultants bring in-house business experience, consulting and advisory experience and academic rigor, crafting a tailored solution that’s right for your business.

The outcome is a blueprint of the future communications function, complete with a strategic rationale and a detailed plan to achieve your goal.

Case Studies


A leading German energy company set out to transform into a provider of utilities and services enhancing life and business. We worked with the chief communications officer and his direct reports to shape a communications function that could support this strategy.

We analyzed and benchmarked the existing setup in the context of social and technological trends, using our findings to design a future service portfolio. In partnership with senior executives, we then defined a new communications policy and culture.

A toolbox with 84 standardized service modules helped to socialize and secure agreement on the portfolio. Further workshops reallocated human and financial resources to new structures and processes. Finally, we helped train in-house communicators to run the new working model.

The implementation of the new setup led to a measurable improvement in the company’s reputation, customer satisfaction, and KPIs.


With a new chief communications officer hired to deliver on a significant change mandate, a major U.S. airline engaged us to assess its corporate communications function and provide recommendations on how the division’s structure and processes could be improved to advance the company’s goals most effectively.

After auditing the airline’s existing communications function, we conducted in-depth interviews with a range of internal stakeholders — from C-suite representatives to business-unit leads. We then developed a comprehensive framework for restructuring the communications department, positioning the company to be more assertive, creative and nimble.