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Government Affairs, Policy, & Advocacy

Own the environment.

Policymakers and the ecosystem of ideas and influence around them can disproportionately affect your organization’s ability to succeed.

They shape markets and the competitive environment, creating new opportunities for profitable growth—or disrupting your best-laid plans. Whether you’re looking to advance change, mitigate risk or simply protect your freedom to operate, we know the players, the issues and the politics that drive government.

See around corners.

Our teams have operated at the highest levels of government and international politics. By executing integrated public affairs campaigns and working on the cutting-edge of advocacy and reputation management, we have the experience and expertise to propel your agenda forward.

Who you know matters. What you do matters more.

Sophisticated activists and interest groups are expert at influencing and pressuring policymakers. To move policy or shape reputation, you have to understand the complex imperatives that drive decisions and know how to interact with rapidly evolving dynamics.

With decades of experience, we understand the levers to help you access new markets, protect your license to operate and gain a competitive edge.


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