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Purpose and Social Impact: Environmental, Social, and Governance

Take the initiative

Proactive and candid ESG communications signal that your enterprise is governed well, resilient and positioned to benefit from the global shift toward sustainability. Your board and C-suite executives need to articulate your company’s mission in an authentic way that resonates across diverse stakeholders. We help implement your objectives with a rock-solid ESG program that spells out measurable goals to win over investors and critical audiences.

ESG expertise at every level.

No matter where you are on your ESG journey — just beginning, fine-tuning or pushing the frontier — we’ll collaborate to pinpoint the most material issues for new areas of sustainable growth.

Cross-functional approach

Our cross-functional approach helps clients break down silos among their financial, legal, strategy, HR, government and communications teams to deliver a strong and uniform ESG proposition to the market.

Strategic Governance Advisors

Together with our partner, Strategic Governance Advisors, we help companies review governance structure and policies, and develop strategies to preempt erosion of shareholder confidence in the board’s commitment to accountability and oversight.