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Design and Creative

FGS Global’s creative professionals are empathetic problem-solvers, working hand-in-hand with our strategic consultants to create impactful work.

Our firm’s in-house artists and out-of-the box thinkers believe in the power of creativity to change minds.

We employ strategic creativity and empathetic problem solving to create persuasive materials — with a touch of magic to cut through the clutter. At FGS Global, you’ll create brand identities, establish editorial authority, shape public discourse, and capture attention.

We’re on the lookout for creative personalities, with a variety of backgrounds and professional experience, who want to make a difference.

We prize unconventional thinking, responsibility and leadership in every medium.

Find your path

Roll up your sleeves. Are you ready to dive into meaningful work? When you grow your career at FGS Global you’ll be collaborating with people motivated to create purposeful impact and committed to your success and development.


Scott Klampfer

Creative Director, Design

New York

Tell us about a typical day

I would describe a typical day as unpredictable. We work in a fast-paced industry and you have to be able to pivot at a moment’s notice.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?

My favorite aspect of the job is being able to work with major global brands on projects that impact the world.

How would you describe yourself as a member of the team?

I would describe myself as a leader who learns as much from my team as they learn from me.

What do you think is special about FGS Global?

Our clients put their trust in us at their most pivotal and vulnerable moments. We rise to all challenges, strive to exceed expectations, and always push the line of success.

How did you begin your career in the industry?

I got my first glimpse into the design world working in the marketing department for a community bank handling the design of journal ads and brochures. I knew instantly that creating was what I needed to do as my career.

Laura Palazio

Director, Creative Producer, Creative Studio

Washington, DC

Tell us about a typical day

As a member of the Creative team, we kick off every day with a short stand-up meeting to go through everyone’s priorities for the day. It’s a great way for us all to connect and know what we’re all working on before we get started with our own work. After the morning meeting, I typically have internal meetings with the team to check in with designers on how their designs are coming along and external meetings with clients to show them our team’s work and provide project updates. In between meetings, I spend my time building project timelines, working with our vendors, estimating the cost for creative work for our colleagues, and reviewing our designers’ works-in-progress.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?

My favorite aspect of my job is that no two days are the same. One day I might be focused on getting a website launched for a biotech start-up, and another day I might be working with our team to brainstorm logos for a new coalition. Because we work across the full company’s strategic communications and government relations teams, I have the chance to work with all types of clients and learn so much about the different sectors that make up FGS Global’s areas of expertise.

How would you describe yourself as a member of the team?

As a creative producer, I see myself as a jack-of-all-trades that helps to manage moving pieces across different types of projects and clients. Producers help keep projects on track; we have to be reliable and responsive problem-solvers that can adapt to client needs and project hurdles. I’m a dot-connector between our designers, videographers, vendors, clients, and internal teams.

What do you think is special about FGS Global?

FGS Global provides everyone opportunities to work on exciting projects and today’s pressing issues. Our clients are working to solve some of the biggest issues facing our country and it’s a great opportunity to be a part of the teams that help our clients accomplish their goals.

How did you begin your career in the industry?

I majored in International Relations. After college I started out working for a non-profit focused on corporate sustainability and water and sanitation access. I had the opportunity to work with partners in the field in Africa and learned a lot about how to be a good project manager and work with international partners. I slowly became more involved in the non-profit’s communications work and started collaborating with their corporate partners to produce videos and other design assets, including managing documentary shoots in Kenya and South Africa. The more creative communications work I did, the more I knew that’s where I wanted to take my career. I left the non-profit to work at an agency in DC, and from there grew my experience to where I am now.